The Art Roomies

A community or colourful characters share and work within the three massive Art Room studios. We call ourselves the Art Roomies.

This is a little bit about each of us.

Helen Ashley : The Art Studio Manager

Helen Ashley

The Art Studio Manager

UK trained Textile Designer, Helen reinvented her hand painting design career in 2010 by combining her love of colour and children to create her own brand ColourMeArt – Colouring for kids which can be found in shops, galleries and museums all over Australia.

Helen’s  original artwork is licenced to several homewares brands and you can find her paintings, ceramics and her pet portraits on her helenashleydesigns website.

Helen manages The Art Room and its Art Roomies. She also teaches.  You can Visit Helens website –   or

Oneday Designs :

Oneday Designs

Oneday is a bespoke property branding and real estate marketing agency. We offer print, advertising  and digital solutions for real estate agents and property developers Australia wide.

With 15 years industry experience we love nothing more than transforming and growing real estate brands and bringing property developments to life. We are completely client focused which means we can offer total design flexibility and have a real love for what we do.

Renae Smith – The Atticism :

Renae Smith – The Atticism

Founded in 2012, The Atticism is a unique PR agency that has been awarded, both locally and internationally, as one of Australia’s healthiest workplaces. The team consists of Renae (Founder & Director); Ben (Snr Account Director); Carolina (Account Director); Maggie (Account Manager) and Moreton (Editor & Content Manager).

The Atticism specialise in creating individually targeted media campaigns that are unique and engaging. We avoid using ‘textbook’ methods when pitching to our media contacts and are committed to helping our clients stand out from the crowd. The Atticism assist clients with public relations, brand development, social media and event concepts; specialising in the urban lifestyle and hospitality demographic.

Tricia Taylor :

Tricia Taylor

Tricia Taylor is a Master Pastellist from Australia with 20 years of experience working with pastels. Recognized for capturing the beauty of light, Tricia’s award winning seascapes are her specialty.

The way the pastel becomes your brush and the paper your pallet is immediate and exciting to paint with. The subtle colour effects you can gain by glazing one colour over another gives a great depth to the artwork. As a Master Pastellist I have the ability to paint any subject from seascape and still life to portraits and figures. Oils are also on my list of painting medium that I love. Large format impressionism and impasto work are my joy.

As a seascape artist I enjoy capturing the movement of the waves and the play of light on the sand. You have all the senses at once, the sound, the smell, the feel of the water, the texture of the sand. It’s constantly moving, which is mesmerizing. I recall a quote from Max Lucado about the ocean relating to God. “It’s always here, it’s always deep and it never ends.”

Tricia Taylor was awarded Master Pastellist status with the Pastel Society of Australia in 2011 and has won many awards including Pastellist of the Year. Tricia’s work has been published in a variety of national art magazines including Australian Artist, Art Edit and Paint and Draw Magazine UK. Teaching from beginners to advanced students for many years Tricia her workshops are in demand in Australia and internationally including Fiji, New Zealand and the USA.

Unison Pastels, a handmade pastel company form the UK have endorsed Tricia’s artwork by creating the Tricia Taylor pastel sets. Seascape, Rock and

Earth and Sand colour selections are available on her website. With their 30th Anniversary in 2017 they have recently made Tricia an Accredited Unison Artist.

If you would like to learn how to paint seascapes Tricia has brought out instructional DVD’s also.

Tim Christinat :

Tim Christinat


Tim Christinat is a Sydney based designer and artist working all over the nation on many creative initiatives!

He began drawing at a very young age, and began painting in 2011 completing one of his all time favourite pieces ‘Marcel’ (pictured) a tribute to his Grandfather which now graces the wall of his living room.

Tim likes to experiment with acrylic paint and other mediums, using colourful palettes and bold strokes, he paints out of inspiration and his art always gives a positive feel. In the last couple of years he has explored live paintings; working with an audience, time frames and wet paint has been a great challenge but has pushed the limits of his art.

Tim is a passionate artist, loves being creative, taking risks and throwing paint on the canvas letting it drip, a nice contrast to creating and marrying perfect type and vectors behind his computer!

Stewart Bell :

Stewart Bell

Business coach & author Stewart Bell has been coaching professional services firms for over 15 years, and founded specialist consulting firm Audere in 2014. A local St Peters resident, he can often be found wandering around the Art Room lamenting the hardship of his 50m commute to work.

Whilst seemingly an odd one out in an artistic community, Stewart has a real passion for helping those with a love of and talent for what what they do to create stable and sustainable businesses that enable them to reap the benefits of their endeavours. Building a business may not be classically a work of art, but it’s most certainly an act of creation.